A Motherís Prayer 

Lord, give me someone to believe,
This hope thatís in my heart.
Though most cannot hold fast,
I pray for one to share that part.

For, I must hope, above all others.
I must watch and pray
Until my child is safe, again,
And steady in Your way.

A Motherís heart cannot give up
Or fail to furnish hope.
Encouragement must flourish most
When theyíre on a downward slope.

Donít let the clouds sweep over me.
Donít let me fail to see
Sunshine, in a life of gloom,
Hope in his destiny.

Friends donít always laugh and run.
Neither do they sigh,
But stand together, during trials,
Supporting side by side.

So, send someone, dear Lord, I pray,
To touch, to see, to know
That they believe and hold my hope
As precious to their soul.

© by Joan Clifton Costner
Used by Permission


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