Its Been Awhile
It's been quite awhile
Since I last saw your face,
Heard your voice or held you
In this now lonely place.

I miss your laughter
Dancing brilliantly on the walls
And hearing your feet
Come running up the hall.

I miss your smile
The way it brightened my days
The radiance in your eyes,
Seeing you play in so many ways.

I miss your touch
As I'd hold you so tight
You'd sit on my lap
And I'd rock you at night.

And know your laughter
Dances through Heaven's walls.
Your feet are now heard
Running down Heaven's halls.

Your smile now brightens
Your new home up above
The radiance in your eyes
Still shows so much love.

Jesus feels your touch
And He holds you so tight.
You sit on His lap
He rocks you at night.

One day I'll be there
I'll hold you as before.
I'll see you, I'll hear you
I'll rock you once more