Jeffrey Michael  (Jeff) Felix
October 3, 1977 - December 30, 2004
Beloved son of Tony & Dolores
Adored brother of Sheila & Ryan

Jeffrey was born with a brain tumor that involved the entire left side of his head and part of the back of his head.  While the  tumor was successfully removed when he was 3 weeks old, the left side of his skull, along with with left inner ear, were also removed..  This operation was just the first of over 40 in his life time.  He was diagnosed with malignant melanoma and the outlook was grim. Ahhh, but God had plans for Jeffrey.

God has used his messengers down through the ages to proclaim the truth to hardhearted people.  Jeffrey was a powerful messenger of God , an inspiration to everyone he met.  He was our role model.  All his life he had demonstrated to us that all we have to do is look and we could find some good in all people.  There are many people who would look at Jeff at first glance and feel pity or sadness at his physical condition but Jeff did not feel that way at all..  Even after finding out  there was nothing more the medical profession could do for him, Jeffrey said,  " I really don't have a lot to complain about in my life."  When he was told that when he got to Heaven he would have a new body, Jeff thought for a moment  and said, "I don't want a new body.  I want this body.  I just don't want all the repair work."  He wanted only to do for others his whole life long.  Being able to go to work and bring home a paycheck so that he could buy a special gift  for a loved one was a priority in his life.  To enjoy good times with his family and friends, to reach out in a loving, kind way to everyone he met were of utmost importance to him.  He wanted for nothing, only the opportunity to love.  He touched the heart and soul of everyone he met.  If you knew him for a day, you loved him in every way.

To be sure, life for Jeff was not always easy.  He relished his life; he squeezed everything he could out of it.  Jeff was not afraid to be real, open or share his love and his passion and knowledge of football with everyone he met.  In the months before his passing, Jeff told me that he would get up every morning and talk with God.  I asked him what he talked about.  Mostly,  he said,  he asked God how soon he would be healed.  When I asked Jeff if God answered him, he looked at me kind of surprised and said, "Uh, yeah, Mom, He told me that pretty soon your going to feel better than you ever have."  That was three weeks before Jeff went to Heaven.  God encouraged him, strengthened him and put people in his path.  Jeff was a righteous man.  He did God's work during his short 27 years, spreading the message of love, forgiveness and hope and never grew tired of doing so.

Jeff faced the prospect of death many times during his life but when you walk and talk with God as Jeff did, there was no fear.  God reached out many times to stand him on firm ground to help him continue on his journey of righteousness.  His mission here was not yet done.  When misguided students would taunt and tease him, God had given him the strength to ward off the verbal blows and turn the other cheek by showing them compassion, forgiveness, love and true friendship.

Being the highly motivated young man that he was, he could have done anything he wanted to in this life but there were always detractors.  Most people looked at his physical limitations and said, "No, you can't do this."  Jeff proved them all wrong and rose far beyond his disabilities.  From the doctors who were willing to give up the employers who didn't think he could handle the job, he succeeded at what he set out to do.  His cup did overflow.  He was an accomplished sportswriter, a tremendous employee and an outstanding football statistician.  Goodness and love did indeed follow Jeff all his days.  He was truly God's messenger of love and hope to all those fortunate enough to be touched by his life.

If case you did not know, the winters here in Ohio are blustery cold with snowy, blizzard like conditions most of the time.  Very rarely does it rain here during the months of winter.  Jeffrey loved the rain.  December 30, 2004, the night God called Jeff Home, the song "Let It Rain" was playing on the CD player.  If you haven't heard this song, the singer said to "open the flood gates of Heaven, let it rain."  As Jeffrey took his final breaths, the wind kicked up outside and the rain pounded against our windown with such a vicious intensity.  Jeff has indeed received the greatest reward there can be.  Not only because of his goodness or because he loved every one of us unconditionally, but because he embraced the Lord.  He walked with God, he talked with God and God told him "you belong with me."

We will love you always and forever, Jeff, and are desperately longing for the day when we can all be together again.

Dad, Mom, Sheila & Ryan

"But they that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings as eagles; they shall run, and not be weary; and they shall walk and not faint. (Isaiah 40:31)