I Am Reminded
In Loving Memory of Tara
by her mother, Connie G. Delotelle

It only seemed like yesterday when I held you in my arms.  The memories of your childhood flood my mind along with the aching in my heart. There are some days more than others I seem to struggle with the loss of you only to be reminded of the blessing to have you in my life even though the years were few.

I'm reminded walking down this long rough road hand in hand with grief is just a measure of my love for you which will remain in my heart to keep. I'm reminded of your beauty through your children's smiles and the huge impact of your absence on the hearts of all those you left behind.  I'm reminded as I look toward heaven of your eyes so radiant and blue.  I'm reminded of your softness...your innocence so true.

I'm reminded of your presence I feel in my journey through my grief...with all the precious memories along with the tears I have shed and my laughter a welcomed relief.  I'm reminded as each day passes that sadly life goes on but not ever  forgetting to be thankful to God for the blessing and privilege given to me to be your Mom.

I'm reminded in my moments of silence as I have questioned God's intentions in my struggle of disbelief...that even through this raging storm if I just believe in him...He will give me Peace.

In Your Loving Memory Tara,   Love Mommy