The Happy Little Train

Once upon a time there was a happy little train.  He had such a good time as he raced down the tracks.  He blew his whistle at al his friends along the way.  His friend the horse galloped alongside to the end of the pasture.  His friend the duck soared over his steaming smokestack.

But one day the happy train stopped being happy.  He began to envy his friends.  The hours could go anywhere he wanted in his pasture and the duck could fly through the sky.  "But all I ever get to do is stay on the tracks!" grumbled the not-so-happy little train.

"How can I get off my tracks?" wondered the little train.  "maybe if I go really fast at the curve, then I'll be off the tracks and as free as my friend the hours!"

So the next day the little train began to pick up speed miles before the curve.  His friends were astonished at how fast the little train steamed by.  They watched with amazement as the little train reached the curve at full speed and jumped free of the tracks.  "I'm free!' thought the little train as he plowed into the field next to the tracks.  But before he could blow his whistle, he was stuck.  He churned his wheels.  He tried to go backwards.  He didn't move an inch.  "I'm NOT free!", he cried, "I'm STUCK!"

His friend the hours came over to the little train.  "You silly train, what were you thinking?", asked the hours.  "I wanted to be free like you", said the train, "but I 
discovered that the only way to be free is to stay on the tracks."  "Of course," said the horse.  "Absolutely," said the duck.  "We're only free when we play by the rules."

Most of us are just like the little train.  We get the idea that happiness comes when we can do whatever we want.  But just like the train, when we ignore the rules, we get stuck.

GOD loves us soooooo much!  He gives us a beautiful world and tells us how to enjoy it.  But most of the time, we ignore God.  We do what we want.  The Bible calls this SIN and it ruins everthing--even our beautiful world.

GOD cares about people who are stuck in sin.  He gives people a way to get unstuck and back on track.  He sent His Son, JESUS, to die for sin.  The way to get back on track is to trust Jesus and ask Him to forgive our sins and live in our hearts.

Are you off the track and stuck in sin?  Ask Jesus into your heart    He will set you free!