The Sins
of the Fathers


"O my son Absalom, my son, my son Absalom! would God I had died for thee, O Absalom, my son, my son!" (2 Samuel 18:33)

So cried David in anguish when he was informed of his son's death. I believe that it was much more than Absalom's physical death that caused David to cry out this way when he heard the news. The scriptures show us that David had not been entirely the father the Lord would have wanted him to be. Absalom's life style and subsequent death were a direct result of that disobedience. Although forgiven, David's sins still bore consequences. We reap what we sow.

Many times I have felt David's pain as I have knelt in prayer for my own children. In the early morning stillness, my past sins slowly march before me dragging behind them, as their inseparable companions, their chains of consequences. Sometimes, just when I believe I have finally recognized them all, the Holy Spirit convicts me, pointing out ones that I have yet to acknowledge and these, as the others, do not come alone.

I humbly thank God that my sins are now under my Saviour's blood and can no longer be counted against me. Nevertheless, almost overwhelmed by my burden of shame, I cry out, "My child, my child, what have I done to you! If only I had known the result of my sins!" But God's Truth was never hidden from me. I chose not to seek it, not to heed it. Scripture is clear and the message is plain. The iniquity of the fathers will visit the children and even the children's children.

As much as I would out pain and remorse, however, just as David could not die for his son, I cannot take upon myself my children's sins. Praise God, Jesus has!

It would have been so much better to do it His way from the start; the vessels would have never been broken. Now, all I can do is silently, quietly watch as He works in their lives in ways I often cannot understand but do not question, believing in and hoping for His infinite mercy.

Mothers, please hear me! Spare yourselves the torment of considering that YOU may be responsible for your child forever rejecting Christ. Spare yourselves the agony of not knowing where your child is after they die; where YOU will be after you die; the wondering if you will ever see them again. The Bible tells us we can know

Humble yourself before God. Give your life to Jesus. Then submit. Die on the Cross with Him and let the Lord Jesus Christ live His life through you. And He will raise your child. Then you can be sure.

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