The Treasure
"For where your treasure is, there will your heart be also." (Luke 12:34)
We closely held within our arms 
    an exquisite jewel so rare.
Never had one so rich and pure 
been trusted to our care.
She was our own, our precious jewel,
lent to us by God, you see.
She was His and now ours...
Who else could care so tenderly?
But the dear Master came one day 
our precious gem to take.
"We cannot let her go," we cried,
"our hearts will surely break!"
God replied, "I've come for her
to bear her up above;
to deck My royal diadem.
Dear ones, I come in Love.
Forever where your  treasure is,
your heart will ever be
and your jewel is safe above,
although, for now, without thee."
The Master said these words to us 
then gazed with mercy's look
and in the midst of cries and sobs 
our precious gem He took.
But though our grief on earth goes on
and tears keep falling fast,
we know, we know  our treasure waits 
in Heaven safe at last.

We will hold them in Heaven.  And until we behold Him together, keep your eyes upon Jesus for He is the most precious sight our children's eyes now behold.