There are some I have known
Who will never grow old;
But shall stay delightfully youthful,
With tenderness untold.

Life shall never hurt them
With heartache or with tears.
For, they are kept (perpetually guarded)
From living on for years ...

Eyes to shine in endless brightness,
Hair to keep that golden glow,
Velvet cheeks soft as the dew;
No wrinkles will they ever know.

Each day will be filled with laughter,
Where delight can never cease,
To know only sweetest kindness;
True love and joy, and peace.

The Son will continually shine, for them,
And bright stars will never fall;
Held for all time, in delightful wonder,
Where fireworks enthrall.

Some of them gave all their life,
In giving of their all.
Others are gently carried away,
Just in answer to their call.

But, they are the very blessed,
To be kept forever pure.
For, how wondrous is the love
Where they always, now, endure.

Because they are so safe,
Yet preserved constantly in my heart,
May I let them fly and set them free
Into their perfection above.

Oh, Lord Jesus, as I weep,
Until I see their face,
Please hold me in Your love.

Soft Whispers from
Derry's Heart Poems
© 2004 used with permission