When Words Won't Do

                When  tragedy  comes 
                  overwhelmingly  ~
              wounding  your   hearts  to
                       the  core;
                leaving more questions
                   than answers  ~
               sorrow  as  never  before.

               Our  Words  do not  bring
                    any comfort  ~
              your  hearts   are  too numb
                       to  hear;
                  How can  you  face
                     tomorrow  ~
                  when  the  loss  is 
               a   loved  one  so  dear?

                Yet  through  the  pain
                   and  emptiness  ~
                  a  precious  thought
                       is  born;
              Weeping  endures  through
                     the  night  ~
              But,  Joy  cometh  at  morn.

            So we're  asking  the  One who
                  holds  tomorrow  ~
                to  shelter  you  'neath
                       His  wing;
               Give your  broken hearts
                    that  comfort  ~
              that  ONLY  HIS  presence
                      can  bring !

               And, remember  you  are
                    in our hearts  ~
                 in  our  thoughts and
                     prayers, too;
                 We are trusting  God,
                     our  Father  ~
                 for  those  things  we
                   just  cannot  do !

                 Mary  Carter  Mizrany
                    June  30,  2002© 2002 by Mary Carter Mizrany 
 -- all rights reserved
                    used by permission
                 copyright  laws  apply