Dear Mommy

                                                                                                                      Mommy, I know that you are sad that I'm no longer with you.  I know that you sometimes wonder if there was something you could have done so I could have stayed with you longer.  No Mommy.
                  You showed how much you loved me by allowing me to go Home to Jesus.  And, Mommy, you were right when you thought that I told Jesus I wasn't going anywhere with Him until you were holding me.  How wonderful that was.

One moment you were holding me in the way I loved so much.  Your arms and your soft words had given me courage many times to keep on fighting to stay with you.  This time your arms gave me the courage to take the steps to Jesus.

                  All of a sudden new arms were holding me.  Oh what joy there was all around me. . .No words can describe what I saw, You'll just have to wait and see what will await you when you arrive Home. 

Mommy, there were so many people that I knew.  There are many people here that know you too.  We often talk together about how much we were loved.  We will all have so much fun together one day.

                         I can run and I can jump and even do summersaults how.  All the children who couldn't do any of those things on earth, are having so much fun trying out doing new things.  And, yes, there are many "big" people here too, helping Jesus to take care of all us kids. 
                                        Mommy, I know you miss me.  I know that you long to hold me again.  But, Mommy, God still has work for you to do.  So many people don't know the truth about children with Hydranencephaly. You need to help them learn that, yes, there is hope for a child with that condition.  Please use the pictures of me smiling to spread the word.  Mommy, keep on doing the work God has for you.  
               And, Mommy, please tell people about Jesus so that they too will go Home to their children when their time on earth is done. 
                 And, then one day your dream of my running into your arms will come true.   And, yes, one day there will be no more tears, and no more separation from each other or from God.

Keep on going. Mommy.  Take care of my brother, Trevor.  I'm glad God gave you someone else to hold and love and to teach about the world.

Thank you for being my Mommy and for loving me.  We had so much fun together, you and I. . . One day we will again.

Love Kayda

In Loving Memory of
Kayda Marie Foster
December 2, 1988 -June 23, 2000
Beloved only daughter of Barb Aleman
and, I am sure, 
now companion of Anna
in our promised Home

Used by permission from Barb Aleman who has a site for Kayda Marie at


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